Our Story

In October 2010, a first-year student Gaurav Prakash was looking for a platform to bring together individuals from all over Manipal – cutting across boundaries of batch, stream and course to discuss the town they called home. He wanted it to be a one-stop solution for anyone seeking any information, opinions or stories about Manipal. Having found none, he created one.
Little did Gaurav imagine that the website he hastily built in ten days in the MIT Library would eventually be Manipal’s largest media body. Initially a one-man show, he would post notices from around campus and cover a few events. This attracted more people who were interested in contributing, and soon a team – Manipal the Talk 2.0 was born.

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About Us

We are Manipal The Talk Network – an independent media organisation run entirely by students in Manipal with a passion for creating memories, sharing stories and showcasing our Manipal experience.
As the leading media organisation in town, we strive to showcase the best of Manipal through our platform. People from all walks of life live here in Manipal, and we do our best to create a connection with them through our words, art, photography and videos.

What we do ?

As an independent media body, we are not affiliated to MAHE or any college – giving us the freedom to create content without any biases or restrictions. From covering all the events in town to creative projects that showcase the talent of the crew, MTTN has become synonymous with great content in Manipal. With our app and website, we have essentially put Manipal on a screen, making lives easier for all college students. From upcoming events to a directory available on the app, we revolutionised the way Manipal lived.
Unlike other media organisations, our strength lies in us being university students. We’re all extremely passionate about what we do at MTTN. It is that passion that drives us to tell our stories through words, art, videos and photographs – putting our heart and soul into everything we create. Simply said, we are Manipal the Talk Network. We are Manipal. And More.